ImageUploader - Upload Mastered Application Images


imageuploader [options]


-ip <ip-addr> (REQUIRED) Specifies the IP address of the CAT-DEV to perform the action on.
-upload <bank> [[-h:<file>] | [-m|-w]] <image> Upload the mastered image specified by <image> to <bank>. Optionally, specify the master header file <file>. Specify -m to process <image> as an ATFS master header, or specify -w to process <image> as a WUMAD. Later versions of ImageUploader will imply -w automatically when uploading a WUMAD.
-delete <bank> Delete the data on the HDD bank specified by <bank>. Note that this is a fast delete and not a secure delete. See Deleting Data From a CAT-DEV for more information on securely deleting data from the HDD.
-bankinfo Returns information about the banks on the CAT-DEV.
-timeout <time> Timeout the upload operation if it takes longer than <time> seconds.


The Host Bridge comes with this tool to allow a developer to upload mastered (.WUMAD or .WUM) application images to the internal HDD on the CAT-DEV. See the mastering page for an overview of the mastering process and how to create mastered images.

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