setbridge - Set a CAT-DEV Session


setbridge [options] <name> [<ip-address>]


-default Sets <name> as the default CAT-DEV for all sessions on the PC. If <ip-address> is specified, a new entry is created in the file that tracks CAT-DEV and IP address pairs and marks this one as the default.
-protect Prevents already existing entries from being overwritten by <name> and <ip-address>.
-d Delete the entry for <name>.
<name> The name of the CAT-DEV.
<ip-address> The IP address of the CAT-DEV.


The Host Bridge comes with this tool that allows a developer to set the CAT-DEV for their current session. This tool can also set the specified CAT-DEV as the PC's default, which saves developers from having to enter their CAT-DEV information each time they open a Cafe environment. Each bridge specified using setbridge creates an entry in a file stored on the PC used in other HostBridge tools.

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