Delete Titles Installed on a USB Storage Device

To delete titles installed on a USB storage device

  1. In the System Config Tool Root Menu, with a controller, navigate to and select Data Manager, and then press the A Button.
  2. In the Data Manager menu, navigate to Title Manager, and then press the A Button.
  3. On the Title Manager menu, navigate to Uninstall, and then press the A Button.
  4. A list of titles on all devices is displayed in the Title Manager>Uninstall menu. The menu sorts the list by device type or application type. Press the X Button to change the sorting order.
  5. Navigate to the title to uninstall, press the A Button to select it, and then press the R Button.
    It is possible to have a title with the same title ID installed on multiple devices. Ensure that the title that is selected is the one that should be deleted!
  6. Press the A Button to delete the title. A progress text box is displayed.

All titles and data stored on a USB may be deleted by reformatting the device.

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