Master Application for USB

The following describes how to create a master image for an application to run on a CAT-DEV or CAT-R system from a USB storage device.

To master an application for a USB storage device

  1. Boot the CAT-DEV in to PCFS boot mode. For information about changing boot modes, see Change CAT-DEV Boot Modes.
  2. On the host PC, navigate to the folder where you installed the SDK, and then double-click cafe.bat.
  3. In the Cafe Cygwin shell, change directories to the folder where the application is saved. For example:
    cd "$CAFE_ROOT/system/bin/ghs/cafe/demo/helloworld/NDEBUG"
  4. To run the application, and to create or modify the app.xml and cos.xml files, at the command prompt, type caferun TitleName.rpx. For example:
    caferun helloworld.rpx
  5. If necessary, make the Title ID unique by changing a few numbers of the title Id in the app.xml file. It must be a hex value (0 - F).
  6. To create a .wumad file, at the command prompt, type the following command:
    makecfmaster archive -r rpx_filename.rpx -o output_path/wumadfilename -w temp_output_path
    For example:
    makecfmaster archive -r $CAFE_ROOT/system/bin/ghs/cafe/demo/helloworld/NDEBUG/helloworld.rpx -o C:/temp/helloworld -w C:/temp/
    output_path and temp_output_path MUST exist prior to running the script.
  7. To create a download image for the USB storage device, at the command prompt, type the following command: -i wumad_filename.wumad
    For example: -i C:/temp/helloworld.wumad
    By default, the output folder is $CAFE_ROOT/data/mlc/install/[wumad_filename]_p0#.

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