Format the USB Storage Device

The following describes how to format a USB storage device attached to a CAT-DEV or CAT-R (devkit) development system. The USB storage device is formatted to a Wii File System (WFS).

To format a USB device

  1. Verify that you have the correct hardware and software installed on your CAT-DEV or CAT-R. For information, see CAT-DEV Development Environment, or CAT-R Development Environment.
  2. Insert the USB storage device into one of the USB ports.
  3. On System Config Tool, select the Data Manager option, select the Format External USB Storage option, and then verify that a device on /vol/usb0x is displayed.
  4. Press the A Button. A dialog box is displayed that confirms the selection.
  5. Press the A Button to start formatting the device. The message "Formatting Device usb to WFS" is displayed.
  6. When the format completes a message is displayed that tells you that the format is complete.
  7. Reboot the devkit before proceeding.

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