Pair the DRC

  1. Navigate to the folder on the host PC where the Cafe SDK is installed, and then double-click cafex_env.bat.
  2. In the Windows CMD shell, type cafex on, and then press ENTER.
  3. Using the Classic Controller Pro, select the Wii U GamePad (DRC) Setting option, and then press the A Button.
  4. In the Wii U GamePad (DRC) Setting menu, select the Pair DRC option, and then press the A Button.
  5. Use the stylus to press the SYNC Button on the back of the GamePad.
    SYNC Button on the GamePad
  6. A PIN code is displayed on the television or monitor screen.
  7. The PIN selection screen is displayed on the DRC screen. Use the touch panel to input the playing card suit sequence that is displayed on the television or monitor screen.
  8. After paired, the DRC automatically restarts. When the Root Menu is displayed again on the television or monitor, the pairing is complete. Confirm that the DRC has the correct firmware version installed.
  • Do not modify any DRC settings via the DK Menu unless specifically instructed. If the L Button and the ZL Button are pressed when the DRC is powered on, the DRC boots in to the DK Menu. Improperly modifying the settings in this menu may render the DRC unusable. The DRC language and region settings are updated using the System Config Tool when the matching system settings are changed. Be sure to properly update and pair the DRC before changing these system settings.
  • If the DRC displays the error [989133], DO NOT use the Clear Wireless Settings option in the Restore Factory Settings page of the DK Menu. Doing so renders the DRC inoperable.

Revision History

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