The DRC-DK-TV is a development hardware version of the Wii U GamePad. The DRC-DK-TV has ports on the bottom for attaching items such a coaxial cable. The front of the DRC-DK-TV is white and the rear is matcha green.

The DRC-DK-TV can output to a TV or similar display through an HDMI connection. Only wired connections to CAT-DEV and CAT-R are supported. The DRC-DK-TV also has development software pre-installed, and can be changed to the region of your choice.

DRC-DK-TV has essentially the same functions and interfaces as DRC-DK MP, with the following differences:

Do not change the DK Menu settings. Changing DK Menu settings, even after setup is complete, may cause FW update to break or fail. If you must modify DK Menu settings, use Wii U Menu Changer, following the instructions in the Wii U Menu Changer Readme file.
Previous versions of the DK Menu may show an option to Restore Factory Setting. Do not select this option because, if selected, the DRC-DK may have to be returned to Nintendo for repair.


The accessory kit includes an AC power adapter. Connect the DRC-DK-TV AC adapter to the connection that is labeled AC Adapter on the lower right side of the DRC-DK-TV unit, and then plug it in to an electrical outlet. Since DRC-DK-TV does not have a battery, you cannot use it without the AC adapter.

Do not use the DRC-DK MP AC adapter on the DRC-DK-TV unit. The connector for the DRC-DK MP AC adapter is sealed.

Wired Connection

The DRC-DK-TV is connected to the CAT-DEV using the provided coaxial cable. Since DRC-DK-TV is a wired only device, there is no need to change slide switch or software setting on the DK Menu.

To connect the DRC-DK-TV to the CAT-DEV

  1. Connect one end of the coaxial cable to the coaxial connector on the DRC, and then connect the other end of the cable to the connector that is labeled DRC1 on the CAT-DEV.
  2. Set the slide switch on the front panel of the CAT-DEV that is labeled DRC to Wired.

Connecting Headphones to the DRC-DK-TV

The DRC-DK-TV has an audio jack on the base of the unit that can be used to connect headphones, microphones, headsets, or audio cables.

The DRC-DK-TV differs from the DRC-DK MP in that it can use 3-button headset microphones.

HDMI Connection

The DRC-DK-TV can output the image displayed on the DRC LCD screen via the attached HDMI cable. The DRC-DK-TV can output video in the 720p limited range (progressive 1280 * 720 resolution) to an external display.

Use the HDMI cable to connect the HDMI port on the bottom of the DRC-DK-TV to the HDMI connector on the display. If you connect DRC-DK-TV with the HDMI capture board, you may capture the images or movies from DRC-DK-TV.

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