#include <cafe/fs.h>

FSStatus FSSetCmdPriority(FSCmdBlock *block, FSPriority priority);


block Command block.
priority New priority of the command. 0 is the highest priority, 31 is the lowest. Default is 16.

Return Values

FS_STATUS_OK Successfully set new priority to the command block.
FS_STATUS_FATAL_ERROR block is invalid address or already in use, or priority is out of supported range.


Set priority for specified command block. Command block must be in free state, otherwise the function will return error and the priority will not be updated.

Large file read/write command will be automatically paused when a command with higher priority is queued to the same client.

Priority will be kept if you reuse the same command block for multiple requests. FSInitCmdBlock will reset its priority to the default, 16.

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See Also

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