#include <cafe/fs.h>

u32 FSGetLastErrorCodeForViewer(FSClient *client);


client Pointer to the client buffer.

Return Values

Non-negative value ( ≥ 0 ) Error code for Wii U Error viewer.


Get last error code of the FS client for Wii U Error viewer. These error codes are used for only the error viewer. A demo is included in the Wii U Error viewer package.

This API should be used when FS API results in a failure and is not returned (this may be noticed by state change callback). The user will then get the error code that is translated for Wii U Error viewer.

This API is intended to be used for auto mounted devices only, such as the optical disc. Call FSGetErrorCodeForViewer for the manual mounted device. (See also Supported Feature Table in File System Types and Overview to know which device is auto mounted or manually mounted.)

A demo is included in the Wii U Error viewer package. For more information, see the following location.


Do Not Call From


See Also

Error Viewer

Revision History

2013/12/11 Added caution that this API should be used for only the device supports auto mounting.
2013/05/08 Automated cleanup pass.
2012/07/20 Readability cleanup.
2012/06/18 Initial version.