File System API Functions


Introduction Introduction of FS subsystem.
Getting Started Getting started of FS subsystem.
Programming Tips Programming tips for FS.
Demo FS pseudo demo programs.


FSInit Initialize FS library.
FSShutdown Shutdown FS library.
FSAddClient Register a new client to FS.
FSDelClient Unregister a client from FS.
FSGetClientNum Get number of client.

Command block

FSInitCmdBlock Initialize command block.
FSCancelCommand Cancel specified command block.
FSCancelAllCommands Cancel all waiting command blocks.
FSSetUserData Set user data value to command block.
FSGetUserData Get user data value from command block.
FSSetCmdPriority Set priority to command block.
FSGetCmdPriority Get priority from command block.
FSGetCurrentCmdBlock Get current command block that is being processed.


FSGetMountSource Find and get mount source list.
FSGetMountSourceNext Find and get continued source list to mount.
FSMount Mount volume.
FSUnmount Unmount volume.

File / Directory operations

FSAppendFile Append file.
FSCloseDir Close directory stream.
FSCloseFile Close file stream.
FSFlushFile Flush file.
FSGetAsyncResult Get async result after notification message.
FSGetFreeSpaceSize Get free space size in quota.
FSGetPosFile Get position of specified file stream.
FSGetStat Get stat information of specified entry.
FSGetStatFile Get stat information of specified file.
FSIsEof Determine if the current file position of specified file stream is at the end-of-file(EOF).
FSMakeDir Create directory.
FSOpenDir Open directory stream.
FSOpenFile Open file stream.
FSReadDir Read next directory entry.
FSReadFile Read data from file.
FSReadFileWithPos Read data from file specifying starting file position.
FSRemove Remove file or directory.
FSRename Rename file or directory.
FSRewindDir Set position of specified directory stream to the head.
FSSetPosFile Set position of specified file stream.
FSTruncateFile Truncate file at file position.
FSWriteFile Write data from file.
FSWriteFileWithPos Write data from file specifying starting file position.

Path space

FSChangeDir Change current work directory.
FSGetCwd Get current work directory.

Data Types / Structures

FSAsyncParams Notification parameter structure for asynchronous call.
FSMountSource Mountable source structure.
FSRetFlag Returned error flag list.
FSStat Status information of file/directory.
FSStatus Status code list.
FSError Error code list.
FSVolumeState Volume state list.

Volume state

FSGetStateChangeInfo Get state change after notification message.
FSGetVolumeState Get current state of specified volume.
FSSetStateChangeNotification Set volume state change notification parameters.


FSFlushQuota Flush journaling data of quota.
FSRollbackQuota Rollback journaling data of quota.

Error viewer

FSGetLastErrorCodeForViewer Get error code of the FS command block for Wii U Error viewer.
FSGetErrorCodeForViewer Get last error code of the FS client for Wii U Error viewer.


FSTimeToCalendarTime Convert FSTime to OSCalendarTime.


FSGetLastError Get the latest detailed error.
FSSetEmulatedError Set error code to emulate.
FSGetEmulatedError Get error code to emulate.

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