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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oC_GX2CounterInfoData container for all low-level performance counter settings
oCCOLORA struct for storing ARGB8 colors
oCDEMO_F32Struct contains float
oCDEMO_F32x2Struct contains floatx2
oCDEMO_F32x3Struct contains floatx3
oCDEMO_F32x3F32x2Struct contains f32x3f32x2
oCDEMO_F32x3F32x3Struct contains f32x3x2
oCDEMO_F32x3F32x3F32x2Struct contains f32x3f32x3f32x2
oCDEMO_F32x3F32x3F32x3Struct contains f32x3x3
oCDEMO_F32x3F32x3F32x3F32x3F32x2Struct contains f32x3f32x3f32x3f32x3f32x2
oCDEMO_F32x3F32x4Struct contains f32x3f32x4
oCDEMO_F32x3F32x4F32x4Struct contains f32x3f32x4x2
oCDEMO_F32x4Struct contains floatx4
oCDEMO_F32x4F32x3Struct contains f32x4f32x3
oCDEMO_F32x4F32x3F32x2Struct contains f32x4f32x3f32x2
oCDEMO_F32x4F32x3F32x3Struct contains f32x4f32x3x2
oCDEMO_F32x4F32x3F32x3F32x2Struct contains f32x4f32x3x2f32x2
oCDEMO_F32x4F32x4Struct contains f32x4x2
oCDEMO_F32x4F32x4F32x3Struct contains f32x4x2f32x3
oCDEMO_F32x4F32x4F32x3F32x2Struct contains f32x4f32x3x2f32x2
oCDEMO_F32x4F32x4F32x4Struct contains f32x4x3
oCDEMO_F32x4F32x4F32x4F32x2Struct contains f32x4x3f32x2
oCDEMO_F32x4F32x4F32x4F32x4Struct contains f32x4x4
oCDEMO_S16Struct contains S16
oCDEMO_S16x2Struct contains S16x2
oCDEMO_S16x3Struct contains S16x3
oCDEMO_S16x4Struct contains S16x4
oCDEMO_S32Struct contains S32
oCDEMO_S32x2Struct contains S32x2
oCDEMO_S32x3Struct contains S32x3
oCDEMO_S32x4Struct contains S32x4
oCDEMO_S8Struct contains S8
oCDEMO_S8x2Struct contains S8x2
oCDEMO_S8x3Struct contains S8x3
oCDEMO_S8x4Struct contains S8x4
oCDEMO_U16Struct contains U16
oCDEMO_U16x2Struct contains U16x2
oCDEMO_U16x3Struct contains U16x3
oCDEMO_U16x4Struct contains U16x4
oCDEMO_U32Struct contains U32
oCDEMO_U32x2Struct contains U32x2
oCDEMO_U32x3Struct contains U32x3
oCDEMO_U32x4Struct contains U32x4
oCDEMO_U8Struct contains U8
oCDEMO_U8x2Struct contains U8x2
oCDEMO_U8x3Struct contains U8x3
oCDEMO_U8x4Struct contains U8x4
oCDEMOCaptureDataStoreData for demo capture
oCDEMODRCInstanceStructure used to define an instance of DEMODRC
oCDEMOFontFontDataStructure used to define the font data for an instance of DEMOFont
oCDEMOFontInstanceStructure used to define an instance of DEMOFont
oCDEMOFWBFileInfoData container for Demo file-write-buffer (FWB) object
oCDEMOGfxGPUTaskStructure used to manage GPU Tasks
oCDEMOGfxInstanceStructure used to define an instance of DEMOGfx
oCDEMOGfxSamplersThe structure for vertex/pixel samplers
oCDEMOGfxShaderThe structure for shader data
oCDEMOGfxUniformBlocksThe structure for vertex uniform blocks
oCDEMOGfxUniformsPSThe structure for pixel uniforms
oCDEMOGfxUniformsVSThe structure for vertex uniforms
oCDemoPadStatusExtended pad status structure
oCGFDBlockHeaderBlock header for each block in GFD files (gsh and gtx)
oCGFDBlockRelocationHeaderTrailer for relocatable blocks in GFD files (gsh and gtx)
oCGFDHeaderHeader structure at the beginning of GFD files (gsh and gtx)
oCGSH2BuildTimeStatsShader compiler build time statistics
oCGSH2CompileSetupInformation needed to compile the shaders
oCGSH2CompileSetup2Information needed to compile the shaders; adds more fields for Spark Enhanced Shader Support
oCGSH2CompileSetup3Information needed to compile the shaders; adds more fields for compute shaders and future expansion
oCGSH2GX2ProgramGX2 shaders
oCGSH2GX2Program3GX2 shaders extended version (includes compute shaders and reserved fields)
oCGSH2OptionsConfiguration options
oCGSH2PatchEntryGSH patching structure, used for offline display list compilation
oCGSH2SetupLibrary setup information
oCGSH2ShaderStatsGPU instruction usage statistics from the AMD compiler
oCGX2AAMaskRegStructure for AA mask register
oCGX2AlphaTestRegStructure for alpha test controls registers
oCGX2AlphaToMaskRegStructure for alpha to mask controls register
oCGX2AttribStreamVertex Attribute Stream (as seen by the Fetch Shader)
oCGX2AttribVarVertex Attribute Variable (as seen by the Vertex Shader)
oCGX2BlendConstantColorRegStructure for blend constant color registers
oCGX2BlendControlRegStructure for blend control registers
oCGX2ColorBufferCompletely describes a color buffer (i.e., render target)
oCGX2ColorControlRegStructure for color control register
oCGX2ComputeShaderContains all information (user and private) for a Compute Shader
oCGX2ContextStateContext state
oCGX2CounterInfoData container for all low-level performance counter settings
oCGX2DepthBufferCompletely describes a depth/stencil buffer
oCGX2DepthStencilControlRegStructure for depth & stencil controls register
oCGX2DispatchParamsCompute shader dispatch parameters
oCGX2DisplayListOverrunGX2 display list overrun callback structure
oCGX2FetchShaderContains all information (user and private) for a Fetch Shader
oCGX2GeometryShaderContains all information (user and private) for a geometry shader
oCGX2HiStencilInfoDescribes all HiStencil pretest states
oCGX2HiStencilStateDescribes a single HiStencil pretest state
oCGX2LineWidthRegStructure for line width register
oCGX2MetricResultMetric result used to return values from result query calls
oCGX2PerfDataPerf data collection
oCGX2PerfInfoData structure to store high-level performance counter data
oCGX2PixelShaderContains all information (user and private) for a pixel shader
oCGX2PointLimitsRegStructure for point limits register
oCGX2PointSizeRegStructure for point size register
oCGX2PolygonControlRegStructure for culling, front/back polygon modes, polygon offset controls register
oCGX2PolygonOffsetRegStructure for polygon offset controls registers
oCGX2QueryInfoStructure for GPU to store query data in
oCGX2RBufferThis is the main buffer object representing various resource types within GX2
oCGX2SamplerStructure to contain all sampler (register) settings
oCGX2SamplerVarTexture Sampler as seen by pixel and vertex shaders
oCGX2ScissorRegStructure for scissor registers
oCGX2StencilMaskRegStructure for stencil mask controls registers
oCGX2StreamOutBufferDescribes a stream out buffer
oCGX2StreamOutContextStream Out Context Data
oCGX2SurfaceDescribes a "surface", the common base element of textures, color & depth buffers
oCGX2TargetChannelMaskRegStructure for target channel mask register
oCGX2TextureCompletely describes a texture
oCGX2UniformBlockShader Uniform Block Structure
oCGX2UniformInitialValueUniform Initial Value Structure
oCGX2UniformVarShader Uniform Variable Structure
oCGX2UTManagedDisplayListSimple wrapper on a display list buffer that stores the used byte count
oCGX2UTRectRectangular region
oCGX2VertexShaderContains all information (user and private) for a vertex shader
oCGX2ViewportRegStructure for viewport registers
oCMat343x4 matrix This provides an overloaded matrix structure to allow for multiple access methods
oCMat34Stack3x4 Matrix stack for the Mat34 type
oCMat434x3 reordered matrix This provides an overloaded matrix structure to allow for multiple access methods
oCMat444x4 matrix Used for projection matrix This provides an overloaded matrix structure to allow for multiple access methods
oCMipLevelA MipLevel is the fundamental unit for containing texture data
oCMtxStackPtrMatrix stack for the Mtx type
oCS16VecSigned 16bit 3D vector
oCTC2ConfigUsed to initialize the texUtils library
oCTC2ConvertOptionsConversion options used with TC2ConvertSurfaceFormat API call
oCTC_FileSaveParamsA structure for storing compression parameters specific to each codec
oCVec3D vector, point
\CVec22D vector, point