#include <cafe/im.h>

typedef struct

    u32 inactive_seconds;
    u32 dim_enable;
    u32 dim_seconds;
    u32 apd_enable;
    u32 apd_seconds;

} IMParameters;


inactive_seconds The number of seconds for a device driver to wait before setting an inactive state.
dim_enable System-wide idle enable, set to IM_DISABLE or IM_ENABLE.
dim_seconds System-wide seconds before entering idle.
apd_enable System-wide auto power-down enable, set to IM_DISABLE or IM_ENABLE.
apd_seconds System-wide seconds after idle and before auto power-down.


IMParameters is a data structure that is used by IM_GetParameters to get the runtime data that is listed in the table above from the Input Manager.

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2013/05/08 Automated cleanup pass.
2012/07/03 Fixed typo, broken links.
2012/05/30 Removed members app_idle_enable and app_auto_power_down_enable, and functions IM_GetAutoPowerDownEnable, IM_SetIdleForApplication, and IM_SetAutoPowerDownForApplication. Added IM_GetRuntimeParameter and IM_SetRuntimeParameter.
2012/05/24 Added IM_ENABLE_ON, IM_ENABLE_OFF.
2012/05/23 Initial version.