Auto Power-Down


The console will automatically power off after a specified period of user inactivity. This feature is known as APD (Auto Power-Down).

Configuring APD

The timeout period for APD is specified in 1-hour increments, from 1 to 12 hours. APD can also be enabled and disabled on a system-wide basis.

Developers can configure APD by using System Config Tool.

Users can configure APD by using the System Settings menu of the retail console.

Input Manager

The Input Manager is responsible for monitoring all input devices and determining whether a user is present. If no activity is detected for the specified timeout, the Input Manager triggers a shutdown request.

APD User Inputs

The following sensors are evaluated by the Input Manager for the APD trigger:

The Input Manager disregards the following sensors when evaluating input devices for the APD trigger:

See Also

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