Roland SoundCanvas Sound Set


The Cafe SDK includes the Roland SoundCanvas Sound Set. This sound set contains audio recordings of 226 instruments and 9 drum sets conforming to the Roland GS format and to the industry standard "General MIDI System Level 1" of the MIDI Manufacturer's Association.

Technical Specifications

The recordings are provided by Roland at the following specifications:

    Word size  : 16-bit
    Sample rate: 22 KHz
    File Size  : 3.1 MBytes (approximate)

Licensing Information

Developers are welcome to use these recordings in their applications per the terms of the Roland End-User License Agreement. This agreement can be found within the Wii U SDK Terms and Conditions (PDF).

The logo data for the attribution requirements of the license agreement can be found in the following folder:


Location of Sound Set

The sound set data files can be found in the following Cafe SDK folder:


Note that the DLS file provided by Roland Corporation is named GM16.DLS.

This file has already been converted into wavetable (WT) files for both PCM and ADPCM encoding schemes, by the DLS1WT.exe tool.

Contact Information

For questions, contact:

English, Developer Support & Legal Liaison:
Mr. Mike Kent

Japanese, Legal Liaison:
Mr. Yasuji Shirai

Legal Department:
Roland Corporation U.S.
5100 South Eastern Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90040
Facsimile: 323-890-3701
Attn: Mr. Jun Yamato

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