Cafe SDK
Reference Manual

Welcome to the Cafe SDK!

This document, the Cafe SDK Reference Manual, contains the manual pages that describe the purpose, setup, and usage of the Cafe SDK and its associated development tools and systems.

Use the menu on the left to navigate within the manual. The small arrows next to section headings can be clicked to open deeper sections of the manual, and clicked again to close them.

If you are new to Cafe SDK, start with Cafe SDK Basics near the top of the menu, and then move to the QuickStart Guide for the type of devkit (CAT-DEV or CAT-R) that you will be using. The release notes for the base SDK can be found in the Cafe SDK Release Notes, or cafe_sdk_release_notes.pdf in the root of your SDK installation. The HOME link at the top of the menu will return you to this page.

This is a living document. We hope that recent changes have improved its readability and usefulness to you, and we will continue to improve it. This document has been reviewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and later. We welcome your feedback.


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