Auto Connection (AC) Demo


Description This demo describes how to connect/disconnect to the network using AC. The demo runs according to the steps below:
  • Initialize the AC library.— nn::ac::Initialize
  • Use a synchronous function to connect with an access point— nn::ac::Connect
  • Disconnect from the access point.— nn::ac::Close
  • Use an asynchronous function to connect with an access point.— nn::ac::ConnectAsync
    • Handle the error that returns when disconnection from the access point is not completed.
  • Check the state of the asynchronous function to wait for completion of connecting to the access point.— nn::ac::GetStatus
  • Disconnect from the access point, and exit the AC library.— nn::ac::Finalize
  • CAT-DEV v3 or later (dev machine)
  • Wireless AP
  • Use System Config Tool to set up network configurations in advance.
  • On Cafe, run simple.

Revision History

2013/05/08 Automated cleanup pass.
2013/01/23 Updates for System Config Tool.
2012/07/31 Cleanup pass.
2012/06/04 Initial version.