curl_escape DEPRECATED


#include <curl/curl.h>

char *curl_escape( char * url , int length );


url Pointer to the string to be encoded.
length Length of the string to be encoded.

Return Values

A pointer to a zero-terminated string or NULL if it failed.


Obsolete function. Use curl_easy_escape instead.

This function will convert the given input string to an URL encoded string and return that as a new allocated string. All input characters that are not a-z, A-Z or 0-9 will be converted to their "URL escaped" version (%nn, where nn is a two-digit hexadecimal number).

If the length argument is set to 0, curl_escape will use strlen on the input url string to discover the size.

When done, use curl_free on the returned string.

Do Not Call From

Deprecated Do not call this function in new code.

See Also

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