libcurl API Functions

libcurl Functions

curl_easy_cleanup Ends a libcurl easy session.
curl_easy_duphandle Clones a libcurl session handle.
curl_easy_escape URL encodes the given string.
curl_easy_getinfo Extracts information from a curl handle.
curl_easy_init Starts a libcurl easy session.
curl_easy_pause Pause and unpause a connection.
curl_easy_perform Performs a file transfer.
curl_easy_recv Receives raw data on an "easy" connection.
curl_easy_reset Resets all options of a libcurl session handle.
curl_easy_send Sends raw data over an "easy" connection.
curl_easy_setopt Sets options for a curl easy handle.
curl_easy_strerror Returns string describing error code.
curl_escape URL encodes the given string (obsolete).
curl_formadd Adds a section to a multipart/formdata HTTP POST.
curl_formfree Frees a previously build multipart/formdata HTTP POST chain.
curl_formget Used to serialize data previously built/appended with curl_formadd.
curl_free Reclaims memory that has been obtained through a libcurl call.
curl_getdate Converts a date string to number of seconds since January 1, 1970.
curl_getenv Always returns NULL.
curl_global_cleanup Removes resources acquired by curl_global_init.
curl_global_init Global libcurl initialization.
curl_global_init_mem Global libcurl initialization with memory callbacks.
curl_mprintf Formatted output conversion; includes curl_maprintf, curl_mprintf, curl_msnprintf, curl_msprintf curl_mvaprintf, curl_mvprintf, curl_mvsnprintf, curl_mvsprintf.
curl_multi_add_handle Adds a standard easy handle to the multi stack.
curl_multi_cleanup Cleans up and removes a whole multi stack.
curl_multi_fdset Extracts file descriptor information from a given multi_handle.
curl_multi_info_read Asks the multi handle if there are any messages/informationals from the individual transfers.
curl_multi_init Returns a CURLM handle to be used as input to all the other multi-functions.
curl_multi_perform If data might be available for the multi_handle, call this function to read/write whatever can be written.
curl_multi_remove_handle Removes a given easy_handle from the multi_handle.
curl_multi_setopt Tells a libcurl multi handle how to behave.
curl_multi_socket If you receive CURLM_CALL_MULTI_PERFORM, you should call curl_multi_socket again.
curl_multi_socket_action If action is detected on a socket, you should call curl_multi_socket_action with the sockfd argument set to the socket with the action.
curl_multi_strerror Returns a string describing the CURLMcode error code passed in the argument errornum.
curl_multi_timeout Call to determine how long you should wait for socket actions before proceeding.
curl_share_cleanup Cleans up (deletes) a shared object.
curl_share_init Create a shared object.
curl_share_setopt Set the option to parameter for the given share.
curl_share_strerror Returns a string describing the CURLMcode error code passed in the argument errornum.
curl_slist_append Appends a specified string to a linked list of strings.
curl_slist_free_all Removes all traces of a previously built curl_slist linked list.
curl_strequal Compares two strings and returns a nonzero (TRUE) integer if both strings are equal.
curl_unescape Converts the given URL encoded input string to a "plain string" and return that as a new allocated string (obsolete).
curl_version Returns a human readable string with the version number of libcurl and some of its important components.
curl_version_info Returns a pointer to a filled in struct with information about various runtime features in libcurl.

Revision History

2013/12/18 Added functions to list.
2013/09/12 Converted.