Tool for Creating NFC Tags in Nintendo's Proprietary Format for NFP


This topic provides information about the tool for creating NFC tags in Nintendo's proprietary format for NFP (hereafter, NFP NOFT).

The Flow of NFP NOFT Creation

Create NFP NOFT by using the tag mastering tool (described later) and noft_writer. The keys used for NOFT encryption are different for development hardware and retail units, so tags for development hardware cannot be read from or written to on retail units (or vice versa).

The selection of lock mode

It can be selected whether ROM region is locked when a NFP NOFT created by noft_writer in Cafe SDK 2.13.00 or later. A NFP NOFT which isn't locked ROM region can be overwritten by other NTF file, and it can be reused as a different NFP NOFT.

This function can be used only when system mode of the devkit is "Development". A NFP NOFT without lock can also be used only by the development mode.
All NFP NOFT created by noft_writer in Cafe SDK 2.12.xx are locked.


A NFP NOFT can be created by writing an NTF file created with the tag mastering tool to a Type 2 tag distributed by Nintendo. The procedure for using this tool is as follows.

How to Use noft_writer

  1. Write an NTF file created with the NOFT mastering tool to an SD card, and then insert the card into the development hardware (CAT-DEV).
    The noft_writer tool works with SD cards that are formatted in either FAT or FAT32. Only ASCII codes are supported in filenames.
  2. Run to start noft_writer
  3. Using the following procedures, select the relevant NTF file, and then execute the writing process.
  4. noft_writer
    ↓ (Select the NTF file.)
    Press L button to select lock mode.
    If "NO LOCK" mode is selected, the NFP NOFT which will be created can be overwritten by other NTF file.
    ↓ (Write if there are no issues with the selected file.)
    ↓ (Hold the tag over the GamePad after the Searching tag... screen appears.)
    If "Write tag succeeded!" appears, the writing succeeded.

    If "Write Failed" appears, try to write again. If writing fails repeatedly, check the following.
    • Are you using a blank, Nintendo-supplied tag?
      Errors occur if you use a card that has been written with lock to previously.
    • Are you specifying an inappropriate file for the NTF file?
    • Is the tag in correct contact with the GamePad?
While writing to a tag, do not remove it from the GamePad or turn off power to either the GamePad or the console.
Data cannot be rewritten once it is written by the LOCK mode. In particular, the content of the ROM region cannot be changed. If incorrect data is written, the tag could be rendered unusable.

Revision History

2015/06/30 Added description for the "NO LOCK" mode.
2014/08/28 Initial version.