NTAG Function List

NTAG Basic Features

NTAGInit Initializes the NTAG library.
NTAGIsInit Confirms that the NTAG library initialization has been finalized.
NTAGSetFormatSettings Sets information for corresponding NOFTs.
NTAGSetTagDetectCallback Registers the callbacks that are called when NTAG tags are detected.
NTAGProc Advances NTAG processing.
NTAGRead Reads data from tags.
NTAGWrite Writes data to tags.
NTAGFormat Formats tags.
NTAGSetReadOnly Sets read-only flags for tags.
NTAGShutdown Finalizes the NTAG library.
NTAGError Error codes for the NTAG library.
NTAGInfo Information that can be obtained from reading NOFTs.

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