NFC Features


This documentation provides information necessary for users of the GamePad's NFC features. The NFC library is a lower-level library than the NTAG and NFP library and provides features that do not depend on tags.

The NTAG library is a higher-level library that provides features supporting Nintendo's proprietary format NFC tags (NOFT).

The NFP library is also a higher-level library that provides features supporting amiibo™. ( For more information about amiibo, refer to other documents such as the overview of NFP. )

The NTAG library is not included with the standard Cafe SDK from SDK 2.12.12.
Developers who require this library should contact your local Nintendo developer support group.
The NFP library is recommended to use instead of the NTAG library.

NFC Library

NTAG Library

NFP Library

Revision History

2014/10/29 NTAG library is eliminated from the standard Cafe SDK.
2014/08/28 Added the description of NFP library.
2013/05/08 Automated cleanup pass.