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Account (ACT) Library

Library for using account features. More...


 Account (ACT) API
 A list of Account (ACT) library members. (Includes only C++ API members.)
 Account (ACT) Library Results
 A list of Result codes used by the account library.


namespace  nn::act
 Namespace for the Account (ACT) Library.

Detailed Description

Library for using account features.


The account library provides features for getting information registered with the Wii U account system and authenticating users based on registered information. Because creating and editing accounts and entering information required for authentication is handled on the system menu of the product or by a development tool, applications do not need to support these sequences. For more information about the Wii U account system, see the Wii U Account System Developer's Guide included in the SDK.

Using API Functions That Trigger Communication

Use the following code when using functions that perform authentication by communicating with the account server, such as nn::act::AcquireIndependentServiceToken and nn::act::AcquireEcServiceToken. Also, refer to the serviceToken and cancel demos. The API functions that trigger communication are clearly marked as such in the function reference. If the function description does not clearly say that the function triggers communication, it does not.

Requesting Network Connections

Use the nn::ac::Connect or nn::ac::ConnectAsync function of the automatic connection (AC) library to connect to the network and check that connection succeeds before calling an account library function.

Error Handling

Error Displays

If connection to the network fails, display an error according to the rules for using the AC library.
If an account library function fails after successfully connecting to the network, get the error code using the nn::act::GetErrorCode function, and display the error using the Error Viewer.

Branching Processes

The nn::Result objects or error codes returned by API functions may be expanded by future changes. If application execution branches based on the reason for an error, take the following steps to maintain forward compatibility.

Notes on Responsiveness

All API functions in the account library (even ones that do not result in communication) may result in poor responsiveness because of increased system load if the higher priority APIs are called frequently. Calling these functions from the main loop may slow down processing.

Notes on Synchronization

Information registered for a Nintendo Network account that can be obtained using the account library is synchronized appropriately by the system. Information may even be synchronized while an application is running, but applications do not necessarily always need to use the latest information. However, users may be confused if Mii character data or their account ID changes during gameplay. Make sure that applications cache and display this information as needed.