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SpotPass (BOSS) Library

The BOSS library is provided for using the SpotPass service. More...


 SpotPass (BOSS) API
 Members of the SpotPass (BOSS) library API. (Includes only C++ API members.)
 SpotPass (BOSS) Constant Definitions
 A list of constant definitions in the SpotPass (BOSS) library.
 SpotPass (BOSS) DataStore_Constant Definitions
 This list contains constant definitions related to the SpotPass (BOSS) library DataStore task feature.
 SpotPass (BOSS) Results
 A list of Result codes used by the SpotPass (BOSS) Library.


namespace  nn::boss
 Namespace for the SpotPass (BOSS) Library.

Detailed Description

The BOSS library is provided for using the SpotPass service.

SpotPass is a service that automatically downloads or uploads data in the background while an application is running.
The Wii U system provides the SpotPass service. Applications can use this service through the BOSS library.
When an application registers a task with the BOSS library, it accesses the server at fixed intervals and downloads or uploads data.
Using this feature makes it possible to deliver notifications or application-specific extra data unnoticed without the user explicitly trying to retrieve data.

For an overview of BOSS, or for planning or operations information, see the Wii U Planning and Operations Manual: SpotPass.

Notes on Using the BOSS API

Execution times for system services such as BOSS may change because of the effect of other system services running at the same time.
The response times of BOSS API functions may also vary.
Remember these points when you create modules that use BOSS if BOSS API functions are called from processes that must complete within a certain time (such as processes executed in the main loop).
Do not call BOSS API functions directly from these processes.

In addition, frequent calls to BOSS API functions may delay other system services.
Avoid frequent calls to BOSS API functions, because such calls provide no value based on the BOSS services contents.
(Pay particular attention to the nn::boss::Task::GetState and nn::boss::Task::GetTurnState functions that are also used for polling.)