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E-Commerce (EC) Library

This library is for using e-commerce features. More...


 E-Commerce (EC) API
 A list of E-Commerce (EC) library API elements.
 E-Commerce (EC) Classes
 A list of E-Commerce (EC) library classes.
 E-Commerce (EC) Constant Definitions
 The list of constant definitions in the E-Commerce (EC) library.
 E-Commerce (EC) Results
 A list of Result codes used by the E-Commerce (EC) library.


namespace  nn::ec
 Namespace for the E-Commerce (EC) Library.
namespace  nn::ec::applet
 Namespace for the E-Commerce (EC) Library Applet API.

Detailed Description

This library is for using e-commerce features.

Before you implement this library, we recommend that you read Programming Manual: ECDK.