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Local Communication (UDS) Library

A library for local communication (wireless communication with the CTR). More...


 Local Communication (UDS) API
 This file lists Local Communication (UDS) library API members. (Includes only C++ API members.)
 Local Communication (UDS) Results
 A list of Results used in the Local Communication (UDS) library.


namespace  nn::uds
 Namespace for the Local Communication (UDS) Library.
namespace  nn::uds::Cafe
 Namespace for the Cafe Local Communication (Cafe UDS) Library. (The namespace nn::uds::Cafe can also be shortened to nn::uds.)

Detailed Description

A library for local communication (wireless communication with the CTR).


The CAFE UDS library supports only master mode, and sends the CTR UDS client to the partner.
In addition to this API reference, see the CTR Programming Manual: Wireless Communication provided for the CTR.
The CAFE UDS library is the same as the CTR UDS library except for the following points.

Notes About the HOME Button menu

We recommend that you use the UDS communications library with threads running on Core 2. For more information, see the Nintendo documentation Foreground and Background Processing for Games (WiiU-FG_BG_Processing-en.pdf).

When using UDS on a core besides Core 2, specify the NO_WAIT option to nn::uds::ReceiveFrom and nn::uds::PollStateChange.
If this library is used without the NO_WAIT option specified, API functions may not return until UDS communications are complete.
If an application switches to background mode before an API function makes its return, API calls made before returning to foreground mode are not guaranteed to succeed.
For UDS, even if there is no API call, the network in the UDS layer continues to be maintained.

Wi-Fi and Ethernet

Both Wi-Fi and Ethernet are unavailable while the UDS library is being used (between successful calls to nn::uds::Cafe::Initialize and nn::uds::Cafe::Finalize).