Cafe SDK  Version 2.13
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Friend Manager


This tool is used to manage the friend list and blacklist. You can add users to and remove users from the friend list and blacklist, display the friend list and blacklist, and display Player History. The tool can be executed from a command line or from within the Windows GUI.

CLI Mode

caferun $CAFE_ROOT/system/bin/ghs/cafe/app/friendmgr/NDEBUG/friendmgr.rpx [-af [id ...] -rf [id ...] -ab [id ...] -rb [id ...] -sr [id ...] -aft [filename] -abt [filename] -srt [filename] -caf -cab -cap]

You can use CLI mode to run the tool using the command line interface. After adding or removing a specified user, the result is output to the log and the application closes.

Command Line Options

GUI Mode

caferun $CAFE_ROOT/system/bin/ghs/cafe/app/friendmgr/NDEBUG/friendmgr.rpx

If run without specifying any arguments, this tool starts in the GUI mode, which can be displayed on a TV screen and Wii U GamePad screen.

Basic Operations


A menu for the lists is displayed in the upper portion of the screen. Unavailable menu items that appear dimmed cannot be used.


Displays your own principal ID, account ID, and the status of each flag (including whether to publicize online status, the game you are playing, and block friend requests). You can enable or disable each flag by using the +Control Pad when putting the focus on it.

If any one of the flag values is changed, the friend list is initialized with these settings.

Friend List

The friend list displays information about the users registered as friends. Press the A Button to individually delete the selected user. Established (0) indicates that the user has been added as a friend (a friendship was established), and Pending (1) indicates that the friend request is temporarily registered or pending.

Request List

The request list displays information about users who have made friend requests to this user. Press the A Button to approve, delete, or reject the selected user.


The blacklist displays information about blacklisted users. Press the A Button to individually delete the selected user.

Player History

The Player History list displays information about the users with whom you have recently played.

SD Card

Places three files (friendlist.txt, requestlist.txt, and blacklist.txt) in the root directory of the SD card. Each list is then loaded and added when the Add (Friend / BlackList) from SD Card or Send Request from SD Card options are selected.

Specify only one account ID per line in the text files.

Dummy Friends

You can register 100 dummy friends with consecutive account IDs from DummyFriend00000 to DummyFriend00099 in your friend list or blacklist. Dummy friends are displayed in the list for debugging purposes. Friend relationships are not established because they remain at the pending level.

A text file that lists dummy friends is in the following location. Place this file in the root directory on the SD Card to load this list from the SD Card and add it to the local friends list.


Error Code List