OSSendAppSwitchRequest DEPRECATED


#include <cafe/os.h>

BOOL OSSendAppSwitchRequest(UPID aProcId, void *apArgs, u32 aArgsBytes);


aProcId UPID of process you wish to switch to. For a list of available processes, including the Internet browser, see the types.h header file.
apArgs Pointer to arguments to send to the process that it can retrieve when it acquires the foreground.
aArgsBytes Size of the arguments pointed to by the apArgs argument.

Return Values

Returns TRUE if the request to switch was made successfully, or FALSE if there was an error.


This function is used to "switch to" or "call" another process, such as the Internet browser, the e-manual Viewer, or the HOME Menu. When this function call is successfully issued, a message to release the foreground will appear in the application's system message queue. When the foreground is released, the process being called will acquire the foreground and can then receive the arguments via the OSGetCallArgs function call. Typically when the process being switched to has completed its work, it will switch back to the calling process with the results as the argument of the switch.

This function has been deprecated in favor of the SYSAPP library API.

Do Not Call From

Deprecated Do not call this function in new code.
Multiple threads This function is not thread-safe.

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