#include <cafe/os.h>

BOOL OSSetScreenCapturePermission(BOOL enabled);


enabled When set to TRUE (default), a flag is set that allows the "last frame" to be used by another application.

When set to FALSE, the simple HOME Menu that is included in the SDK (not the product version in the Wii U Menu Changer) background is black. Developers who use this function may verify that this function works properly by opening the simple HOME Menu.

Return Values

Returns the previous screen capture permission setting.


This API sets a flag that indicates whether the last rendered frame that is in memory after foreground release can be used by another application. The default state (TRUE) is set before a process starts and only changes state when this API is called. When set to FALSE, the system continues to use the last rendered frame for UI blending, but does not allow the frame to be used by an online service.

For example, a streaming video application may not want to allow frames from a video to be shared as part of an online message post. In this case, the streaming video application may call OSSetScreenCapturePermission(FALSE) to inform system applications that the last frame from the video application may not be used as part of an online service.

This function cannot be called when in the background. Doing so may cause your application to lock up or crash.
Calling this function does not cause the current frame to be saved to a file.

Do Not Call From

Background Do not call this function from the background.

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