#include <cafe/os.h>

BOOL OSGetActiveThreadLink (OSThread *thread, OSThreadLink *threadLink);


thread Pointer to thread structure.
threadLink Output pointer to OSThreadLink structure to receive the thread link.

Return Values

Success (TRUE) or failure (FALSE).


Gets the thread link to the next and previous threads from the specified thread. This function can be used to walk the global thread list up to the zero-terminated end of the list in each direction. It is important to note that the next and previous threads can change immediately before or immediately after this function is invoked. The thread list can change due to the other threads running to completion on other cores or causing other higher-priority threads to interrupt the current thread and run to completion. This function provides a snapshot of a single moment and is expected to be used in situations where the thread list is not rapidly changing, such as during a crash or for various debugging purposes.

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