#include <cafe/os.h>

OSThread* OSGetDefaultThread(u32 coreId);


coreId The number of the CPU Core for which the default thread is being requested (0 ≤ coreId < MAX_SYSTEM_CORES).

Return Values

Pointer to the default thread for the selected processor Core.


The default threads are per-core threads that are created when a process starts. The default threads must exist because the OS uses these threads to start the application. The default threads must exist through the lifetime of the process. OSGetDefaultThread gets the pointer to the default thread used to start the specified processor core.

On the main core, Core 1, the default thread runs the main entry point main(argc,argv). On the other cores (Core 0 and Core 2), the default thread is idle and can be configured to run a specific function by using OSRunThread, as shown in the demo located at:


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