#include <cafe/os.h>

OSTime OSGetTime(void);



Return Values

A time base 64-bit value.


Retrieves time base registers incremented at OS_TIMER_CLOCK Hz. At boot time, the OS initializes the time base registers to the number of ticks since 0:00 AM January 1, 2000.

The time base register is in a common hardware block and is not processor-specific. It is safe to read the value from different cores and to compare or calculate differences based on the values that were read.

Beginning with SDK 2.09.03, Cafe OS no longer reboots when running a main title, and the system “uptime” may be significantly longer than previously noted. This indicates that developers should NOT assume that a long reported uptime is inaccurate, even when it appears that Cafe OS has been running for hours or days. Cafe OS may run several different titles before running your title, and the amount of “uptime” retrieved by OSGetSystemTime may be significantly longer than expected.

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