preprpl Overview

Main tasks consist of:

Using preprpl

The same files that you would provide to the linker, you provide to preprpl[32|64]. You can optionally specify an exports definition (.def) file and/or specify to export all global symbols. preprpl[32|64] generates an extra .o file that is used as additional input to the linker.

The original files plus the new .o file go to the GHS Linker, along with a system library that is called rpl.a. The linker then produces a normal .ELF format binary in a temporary location.

What is in the output .o

The .o file contains:

Reference Dependencies

Why This Works

The entry point code references and sets up the export table.

Since the export table references all the exported symbols, none of them can be stripped. This forces them and anything they use to be in the ELF that is output from the linker.

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