Setup and Teardown

HIDSetup Sets up the HID library.
HIDTeardown Tears down the HID library.

Add and Remove Clients

HIDAttachCallback Callback for HIDDevice to attach and detach events.
HIDAddClient Adds client to the HID library.
HIDDelClient Removes client from the HID library.


HIDCallback Callback for asynchronous HID transactions.
HIDGetDescriptor Gets the specified descriptor from device.
HIDSetDescriptor Sets the specified descriptor to the device.
HIDGetReport Gets the specified report from the device.
HIDSetReport Sets the specified report to the device.
HIDSetProtocol Sets the protocol to the device.
HIDGetProtocol Gets the protocol from the device.
HIDSetIdle Sets idle to the device.
HIDGetIdle Gets idle from the device.
HIDRead Reads input from the device.
HIDWrite Writes output to the device.
HIDResetDevice Resets the device.

Data Structures

HIDClient Represents the HID client.
HIDDevice Represents the HID interface on attach and detach.

Error Handling

HIDDecodeError Decodes HID_ERROR_CODE to category and value.
HID_ERROR_CODE Runtime error codes.

Revision History

2014/01/20 Added HIDResetDevice.
2013/11/27 Removed unused anchors.
2013/11/27 Worked anchors.
2013/05/08 Automated cleanup pass.