#include <cafe/hid.h>
            u32         handle,
            u8          *p_buffer,
            u32         buffer_length,
            HIDCallback async_callback,
            void        *p_user


handle Handle associated with the HID device.
p_buffer Pointer to buffer to send transaction data. This buffer must be aligned and padded to L2_CACHE_LINE_SIZE.
buffer_length Size of the buffer to receive transaction data in bytes.
async_callback Pointer to HIDCallback for asynchronous completion notification.
p_user User-specified pointer passed to HIDCallback.

Return Values

HIDWrite returns HID_ERROR_CODE. For blocking calls, a return value of ≥ 0 specifies the number of bytes transferred for the request. For asynchronous calls, a return value of HID_ERROR_OK specifies that the call was initiated successfully and the result of the transaction will be specified in the HIDCallback parameters upon completion.

HID device driver should be prepared to handle device specific errors at run time. These are device dependent and cannot be defined here. Typically a USB device stalls when transactions are not supported, please consult specifications for the specific device. The driver should issue valid transactions to prevent these issues or be prepared to issue HIDResetDevice on error and receive a new attach for the device on error. HID is intended for human interface, very low frequency, thus there is typically no reason to issue multiple pending transactions. HID devices such as keyboards and mice will buffer input for the next posted transaction thus transactions can be done in a loop by issuing the next transaction in the completion function. These following errors may be encountered for other reasons.

Typically, under normal operations, the driver should stop reading or writing on any error in the read or write loop. This is as observed with keyboards and mice, other devices may have specific reasons for error, device errors usually come form the device as a stall if the device follows USB specification.


HIDWrite performs an intr pipe write transaction to an HID interface associated with an HIDDevice.handle. HIDWrite executes in a blocking manner when no HIDCallback is specified.

Do Not Call From

Background Do not call this function from the background.

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