#include <cafe/kbd.h>

typedef struct _KBDLedEvent

    KBDChannel  channel;
    KBDLedState leds;
    KBDEc       rc;

} KBDLedEvent;


channel Keyboard channel.
leds LED state.
rc Return code.


The KBDLedEvent structure contains the keyboard channel, LED state, and a return code from the callback associated with KBDSetLedsAsync.

When the KBDSetLedsAsync function completes, it calls the callback that was passed to it with a pointer to this structure, as well as a pointer to the user-supplied argument.

The rc returned in the callback is either KBD_SUCCESS or KBD_ERR_BUSY. The return code KBD_SUCCESS indicates that the LED command was successfully sent to the keyboard. KBD_ERR_BUSY means that transmission of the command failed.

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