#include <cafe/pads/kpad/kpad.h>

void KPADResetMpls( s32 chan );


chan One of the WPAD_CHANn values.

Return Values



Initializes the internal state related to processing data for the specified channel's Wii MotionPlus. Settings for various correction processes at this time are as follows.

Zero-Point Play ToleranceDisabled. In addition, radius is set to 0.005f.
Zero-Point Drift CorrectionSet to KPAD_MPLS_ZERODRIFT_STANDARD.
Attitude CorrectionDisabled. revise_pw is set to 0.500f, and the base attitude is pointing at the TV straight on.
Acceleration CorrectionEnabled. revise_pw is set to 0.030f, and revise_range is set to 0.400f.
DPD CorrectionEnabled. radius is set to 0.050f.
Angular Velocity ScalingSet to 1.0.

If a work area is being passed by the KPADSetMplsWorkarea function, this function is called internally by the KPADReset function.

Do Not Call From

Background Do not call this function from the background.
Interrupt handler Do not call this function from any interrupt handler.
Exception handler Do not call this function from any exception handler.
Multiple Cores Do not call this function from more than one Core.

Revision History

2013/05/08 Automated cleanup pass.
2008/12/04 Initial version.