Standard Controller High-Level Library (KPAD) Sample Demos




kpadsample This sample program demonstrates KPAD library functionality.
swing This sample program recognizes the direction in which the user swings the Wii remote and displays that direction on the TV screen.
kpadmpls This program demonstrates Wii MotionPlus functionality.
urcc This program demonstrates how to implement URCC (Wii U Pro Controller) functionality.
wbc_kpad This program demonstrates how to use WBC (Wii Balance Controller) functionality through KPAD.
urcc_mpls This sample program shows how to use both MotionPlus devices and URCC controllers at the same time.
wbc_kpad_verification This demo demonstrates Lotcheck-compliant implementations of the Wii Balance Board operations check, accurate weight measurement, and other features.

Revision History

2014/07/02 Added WBC test.
2013/05/08 Automated cleanup pass.
2013/04/17 Updated with new demos
2011/02/21 DRAFT