#include <cafe/pads/wpad/wpad.h>

#define WPAD_CHAN0               0
#define WPAD_CHAN1               1
#define WPAD_CHAN2               2
#define WPAD_CHAN3               3

void WPADDisconnect( s32 chan );


chan One of the WPAD_CHANn values.

Return Values



Ends the connection for the Wii remote of the specified channel.

The library first turns off the player indicator light, then disconnects. The information for the Wii remote with the controller number specified in chan is cleared at disconnection.

Do Not Call From

Background Do not call this function from the background.
Interrupt handler Do not call this function from any interrupt handler.
Exception handler Do not call this function from any exception handler.
Multiple Cores Do not call this function from more than one Core.

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Revision History

2013-05-08 Automated cleanup pass.
2008-05-19 Revised the explanation of how the controller number's information is cleared.
2008-04-16 Added that the player indicator light is turned off first.
2006-09-18 Mentioned that the controller number information is cleared.
2006-06-19 Initial version.