#include <cafe/procui.h>

void ProcUISetMEM1Storage(void* data, u32 size);


data A pointer to the location to use. NULL disables save/restore.
size Size in bytes of MEM1 to save and restore. This value must be either 0 or the size of MEM1 that is obtained by OSGetMemBound; otherwise it will raise an exception.

Return Values



Designates the area to use when saving and restoring the MEM1. NULL disables this feature.

You may restore the foreground bucket and MEM1 areas by using the ProcUISetBucketStorage and ProcUISetMEM1Storage functions. Using these functions have disadvantages in terms of memory usage and process-switching time. If you are concerned about memory usage or process-switching time, Nintendo recommends that you do not use these functions. Instead, design your application so that it is acceptable for the foreground bucket and MEM1 to be corrupted after a process switch.

Do Not Call From

Deprecated Do not call this function in new code.
Background Do not call this function from the background.
Multiple threads This function is not thread-safe.

See Also

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