#include <cafe/sysapp.h>

typedef struct SysStandardArgsIn
    const char * cp_Anchor;      /// Reserved area for future expansion: Must be set to 0.
    u32          anchorSize;     /// Reserved area for future expansion: Must be set to 0.
} SysStandardArgsIn;

typedef struct SysAccountArgsIn
    SysStandardArgsIn stdIn;    /// Common standard arguments

    /** Set the slot number to switch the current account to.
    u32               slotId;
} SysAccountArgsIn;

s32 SYSLaunchAccount( const SysAccountArgsIn * cp_Args );


cp_Args The slotId field should be set to the slot number of the current account.

Return Values

SYS_ERROR_NONE SYSLaunchAccount completed successfully and the current process will now exit.
SYS_ERROR_SERIALIZE_ANCHOR_SIZE_MAX The cp_Anchor size is larger than the maximum size allowed.
SYS_ERROR_FATAL A critical error occurred.


Do not use this function, as it is deprecated. Use ErrViewer for jumps after the error message.

Calling this function causes the current application to exit.

Do Not Call From

Deprecated Do not call this function in new code.
Background Do not call this function from the background.
Multiple threads This function is not thread-safe.

Revision History

2014-03-07 Deprecated.
2012-10-10 Clarified the arguments.
2012-10-01 Updated the description.
2012-08-15 Initial version.