#include <cafe/sysapp.h>

typedef struct SysStandardArgsIn
    const char * cp_Anchor;      /// Reserved area for future expansion: Must be set to 0.
    u32          anchorSize;     /// Reserved area for future expansion: Must be set to 0.
} SysStandardArgsIn;

typedef struct SysBrowserArgsIn
    SysStandardArgsIn stdIn;     /// Common standard arguments

    /**  A pointer to the URL string to pass to the Internet Browser.
     *   The URL string needs to be nul-terminated and contain either the
     *   "http://" or "https://" prefix.
     *   The maximum size for the string, including the prefix and nul-terminator,
     *   is 1024 characters.
    const char *      cp_URL;

    /**  The size of the URL string in characters including the prefix and nul-terminator.
    u32               urlSize;
} SysBrowserArgsIn;

s32 SYSSwitchToBrowser( const SysBrowserArgsIn *cp_Args );


cp_Args The cp_URL member should be set to the URL that the Internet Browser will open.

Return Values

SYS_ERROR_NONE The function completed successfully.
SYS_ERROR_SERIALIZE_ANCHOR_SIZE_MAX The cp_Anchor size is larger than the maximum size allowed.
SYS_ERROR_SERIALIZE_URL_SIZE_MAX The cp_URL size is greater than 1024.


Switches to the Internet Browser process. The current process moves to the background after this function is called.
You can also call the SYSSwitchToBrowserForCallbackURL function to do the following. Use it as needed.

Do Not Call From

Background Do not call this function from the background.
Multiple threads This function is not thread-safe.

Revision History

2015/04/09 Updated the description.
2012/10/10 Added structure descriptions.
2012/10/01 Updated documentation.
2012/08/15 Initial version.