SAVERemove / SAVERemoveAsync


#include <nn/save.h>

FSStatus            SAVERemove(
                        FSClient                *client,
                        FSCmdBlock              *block,
                        u8                      accountSlotNo,
                        const char              *path,
                        FSRetFlag               errHandling
FSStatus            SAVERemoveAsync(
                        FSClient                *client,
                        FSCmdBlock              *block,
                        u8                      accountSlotNo,
                        const char              *path,
                        FSRetFlag               errHandling,
                        const FSAsyncParams     *asyncParams


client Pointer to the client buffer.
block Command block.
accountSlotNo The user account slot number.
path File or directory path to remove. The relative path for the save directory for the specified user account. The length must be less than FS_MAX_ARGPATH_SIZE.
errHandling Automatic error handling flag. Only the indicated error is returned.
asyncParams (Async API only) Notification parameters for an asynchronous call.

Return Values

Synchronous API: Return Value; Asynchronous API: Callback Return Value

FS_STATUS_OK Successfully completed.
FS_STATUS_CANCELED The command was canceled.
FS_STATUS_EXISTS Any file or directory entries exist in the target (directory only).
FS_STATUS_NOT_FOUND Target not found.
The specified user account does not exist on this Wii U console.
FS_STATUS_ACCESS_ERROR Could not access to specified path.
FS_STATUS_PERMISSION_ERROR The caller does not have correct access permission.
FS_STATUS_ALREADY_OPEN There is one or more open file or directory in the specified path.
FS_STATUS_UNSUPPORTED_CMD Associated file system does not support this function.
FS_STATUS_STORAGE_FULL Data space cannot be allocated to update directory tree.
FS_STATUS_JOURNAL_FULL Journaling space is full and new journaling block cannot be allocated.
FS_STATUS_MEDIA_NOT_READY (Only for manually mounted devices) Media is not present.
FS_STATUS_MEDIA_ERROR (Only for manually mounted devices) Media is in some inaccessible condition.
FS_STATUS_DATA_CORRUPTED (Only for manually mounted devices) The data is corrupted beyond repair. The volume needs format.
FS_STATUS_WRITE_PROTECTED (Only for manually mounted devices) Media is write protected.

Async API: Immediate Return Values

FS_STATUS_OK Successfully issued the request.
FS_STATUS_NOT_FOUND The specified user account does not exist on this Wii U console.
FS_STATUS_FATAL_ERROR The argument is invalid.


Removes the save data files or save subdirectory entries specified in path. The files or directories included in path cannot be removed even if one of them is open.

Both the sync and the async style API functions are provided. To use the async API functions, set the user callback and parameters in asyncParams. For more information, see FSAsyncParams.

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File/Directory operations

Revision History

2013/05/08 Automated cleanup pass.
2012/10/01 Revised the return values.
2012/03/29 Initial version.