Save Directory Types

Save Directory Structure

The save directory provides a hierarchy that holds multiple user accounts. For more information about each type of directory, see the following sections.

Path Name
/vol/save/ Save root directory.
/vol/save/common Common save directory.
/vol/save/<persistent-ID> Account save directory.
(Third and lower levels.)
/vol/save/common/... Save subdirectory.
/vol/save/<persistent-ID>/... Save subdirectory.

The SAVEInitSaveDir function creates the common/ directory and the <persistent-ID>/ directory. The application is free to create or delete subdirectories using the SAVEMakeDir and SAVERemove functions. The application cannot delete the save directory. Only the system can delete these directories.

The following permissions relate to creating and deleting directories.

Type Save Directory Save Subdirectory
System Create, Delete Create, Delete
Application Create Create, Delete

Save Directory and User Accounts

The Wii U platform supports the concept of user accounts. A save directory is created for each account:


where <persistent-ID> identifies a specific user.

The SAVE library uses a slot number to abstract the reference to the save data for each user account. The application does not need to directly specify the <persistent-ID>. For example:


Slot 1: /vol/save/80000001/
Slot 2: /vol/save/80000002/
Slot 3: /vol/save/80000003/
Slot 12: /vol/save/8000000C/

To create save data for the current user, use the account library (ACT) to get the save data slot number for the user. You can create a save directory by passing this handle, which is linked to the current user, to the SAVEInitSaveDir function.

The <persistent-ID> is always incremented whenever a new account is created, and cannot be reused. Depending on how a system is used and for how long, many accounts could be created and deleted. In such cases, account-specific directories are handled as follows:


Slot 1: /vol/save/80000002/
Slot 2: /vol/save/80000004/
Slot 3: /vol/save/80000005/
Slot 4: /vol/save/8000000A/
Slot 5: /vol/save/8000000D/
Slot 6: /vol/save/8000001F/

When you delete a specific user account from the Account Management screen on the Wii U Menu, all save directories for that account are deleted by the system. To individually delete account-specific save data, use the Data Management menu.

Applications are free to create and delete files and subdirectories in the account directories.

Common Save Data

The /vol/save/common/ directory (slot number 255) has been set aside on the Wii U console as a common save data directory for all accounts.

Applications are free to create and delete files and subdirectories in the common directory.

The common directory and its contents are not affected even if a user-specific save directory is deleted. However, you can delete the common directory by using the Save Data Management menu.

The following permissions are for the common directory and account directories.

Account Save Data Common Save Data
System Create, Delete, Read, Write Create, Delete, Read, Write
Application Create, Delete, Read, Write Create, Delete, Read, Write

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