SCI API Functions


Introduction Introduction to the SCI library.
Demo SCI demo programs.

Console Information

SCIGetPlatformRegion Gets the Platform region of the console.


SCIGetCafeCountry Gets the Country Setting.
SCIGetCountryCodeA2 Gets the Country ISO A2 code string.
SCIGetCountryName Gets the Country Name string.
SCIGetCountryNameUtf16 Gets the Country Name string.


SCIGetAreaInfo Gets the Area Info.
SCIGetAreaInfoUtf16 Gets the Area Info.


SCIGetCafeLanguage Gets the Language Setting.
SCIGetLanguageCodeA2 Gets the Language ISO A2 code string.

Parental Controls

SCIGetParentalEnable Gets the enable state of parental controls.
SCICheckParentalPinCode Checks the validity of the input pin code

Parental Account

SCIGetParentalAccountEShopPurchase Gets the permission status to Wii U Shopping Services.
SCIGetParentalAccountFriendReg Gets the permission status to Friend Registration.
SCIGetParentalAccountIntBrowser Gets the permission status to Internet browser.
SCIGetParentalAccountIntMovie Gets the permission status to Entertainment Excluding Games.
SCIGetParentalAccountNetCommunicationOnGame Gets the permission status to Online Interaction in Game.
SCIGetParentalAccountNetworkLauncher Gets the restriction level to Miiverse.

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