SCI Overview


The System Config Interface is an application library. This library provides access to various system configuration settings. These include:

To modify system configuration settings, use the System Config Tool utility included in the SDK.

System Config Tool will create a default config file if one does not exist on the development system.

Overview of System Config Settings

Country & Language

Setting Function Return value
Country SCIGetCafeCountry (u32) 0-255
Language SCIGetCafeLanguage (SCICafeLanguage) 0-11

Parental Controls

Setting Function Return value
Use Parental Control? SCIGetParentalEnable (SCIBoolean)
0 = Disabled
1 = Enabled
Wii U Shopping Services SCIGetParentalAccountEShopPurchase (SCIBoolean)
0 = Allowed
1 = Forbidden
Friend Registration SCIGetParentalAccountFriendReg (SCIBoolean)
0 = Allowed
1 = Forbidden
Internet browser SCIGetParentalAccountIntBrowser (SCIBoolean)
0 = Allowed
1 = Forbidden
Entertainment Excluding Games SCIGetParentalAccountIntMovie (SCIBoolean)
0 = Allowed
1 = Forbidden
Online Interaction in Games SCIGetParentalAccountNetCommunicationOnGame (SCIBoolean)
0 = Allowed
1 = Forbidden
Miiverse SCIGetParentalAccountNetworkLauncher (SCIRestrictionLevel)
0 = Allowed
1 = Read-only
2 = Forbidden

See Also

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Revision History

2013/05/08 Automated cleanup pass.
2013/01/23 Updates for System Config Tool
2012/07/03 Modified the return value of SCIGetParentalAccountNetworkLauncher function.
2012/06/10 Added allotment.
2012/04/30 Initial version.