#include <cafe/sci.h>

SCIStatus SCIGetParentalEnable(SCIBoolean *enable);


enable Pointer to get status.
SCI_ENABLE (SCI_TRUE) Restriction settings which user sets are enabled.
SCI_DISABLE (SCI_FALSE) All restriction settings are disabled.

Return Values

SCI_STATUS_SUCCESS Successfully done.
SCI_STATUS_FAIL Failed to get value.
SCI_STATUS_READ_ERROR Error reading the system configuration file.
SCI_STATUS_FILE_NOT_FOUND System configuration file is not found.
SCI_STATUS_ITEM_NOT_FOUND Item is not found in the system configuration file.


Retrieves the state of the "Use Parental Control" setting available from the System Config Tool:Parental Control Setting. SCI_FALSE means "All restriction settings are disabled". SCI_TRUE means "Restriction settings which user sets are enabled".

Run System Config Tool at least once before using SCI. System Config Tool automatically creates the default system setting files at startup. If you have never run System Config Tool, this function will return a SCI_STATUS_FILE_NOT_FOUND error.

Do Not Call From


See Also

System Config Tool

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