SYN API Functions


Synthesizer Overview Describes how the AX synthesizer (SYN) library accepts MIDI input and applies it to a wavetable to produce music.


SYNGetActiveNotes Gets the number of notes still running for the specified synthesizer.
SYNGetMasterVolume Gets the master volume setting of the specified synthesizer instance.
SYNGetMemorySize Returns the byte size of the memory buffer required by the synthesizer library.
SYNGetMidiController Obtains current values of the specified synthesizer, MIDI channel, and MIDI controller.
SYNGetMixerSelect Retrieves the destination mixer for the synthesizer.
SYNInit Initializes the internal data members for the synthesizer.
SYNInitSpecifyMem Expands the SYNInit function to allow you to specify library memory area.
SYNInitSynth Initializes a user-allocated instance of the synthesizer.
SYNMidiInput Sends MIDI input data to the specified synthesizer instance.
SYNDRCGetMasterVolume Gets the Master DRC Volume for the synthesizer.
SYNDRCSetMasterVolume Sets the Master DRC Volume for the synthesizer.
SYNQuit Carefully shuts down the synthesizer.
SYNQuitSynth Carefully shuts down a running instance of the synthesizer.
SYNRunAudioFrame Runs and services all active voices for a single audio frame.
SYNSetInitCallback Registers a callback function to be called at note-on for the specified synthesizer.
SYNSetMasterVolume Sets the master volume of specified synthesizer.
SYNSetMixerSelect Sets the destination mixer for the specified synthesizer.
SYNSetUpdateCallback Registers a callback function that is called every three milliseconds for each audio frame for the specified synthesizer.

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