Sound-2 API Function Libraries

A new, enhanced sound library, Sound-2 library is introduced with a set of new features and improvements, including:

Developers are highly recommended to use the new sound-2 library. After a short-term transition period, the legacy sound−1 library will be replaced. Refer to Migration Notes for differences between Sound−1 and Sound−2 APIs.

AX API Functions AX is the heart of the Cafe Sound System. This library synthesizes audio data for the controller speaker. Other audio libraries that the SDK provides are optional. They build upon the functionality provided by AX.
AXART API Functions The AX Articulator (AXART) library builds upon the MIX abstraction, providing more complex controls for mixing.
AXFX API Functions The AX AUX Bus Effects (AXFX) library provides Reverb, Delay, and Chorus effects for AX.
MIX API Functions The mixing (MIX) library is an abstraction layer for AX that provides panning, surround panning, and fader controls for AX voices.
SYN API Functions The synthesizer (SYN) library provides synthesizer functionality. It may be used with SEQ to play standard MIDI files.
SEQ API Functions The sequencer (SEQ) library provides sequencing functionality. It may be used with SYN to play standard MIDI files.

Revision History

2013-06-01 Initial version.