Tool Chain API Functions

Sound Pipeline


Sound Pipeline Overview Describes how the Sound Pipeline encompasses the processes and tools by which sound data is captured for use in an application.
Importing Sound Effects Describes the sound pipeline converter tool, sndconv.exe, a host-PC command line program that imports a collection of sound files into the SP data format.
Sound Pipeline Tools Describes the tool portion of the AX Sound Pipeline that converts standard, artist-generated WAV or AIFF files into the SP data format (SPD).
Programming with SP Describes the AX Sound Pipeline runtime library and how to use it.

SP API Functions

SPInitSoundTable Resolves the main memory addresses for each entry in the table against *samples and *zerobuffer. Initializes ADPCM information pointers for ADPCM-encoded sound effects.
SPPrepareSound Prepares a voice for the specified sound effect playback.
SPPrepareEnd Marks a looped voice for termination.
SPGetSoundEntry Returns a pointer to the corresponding SP sound table entry of a given sound table instance and sound effect index.


Soundfile API Functions

getSoundInfo Opens and examines the file specified by path. If the file is a valid, supported type, the relevant information in the structure is returned.
getSoundSamples Opens and retrieves the sound samples in the file specified by path.
writeAiffFile Creates an AIFF file specified by path, and then writes the specified sound data.
writeWaveFile Creates a WAV file specified by path, and then writes the specified sound data.



DSPADPCM Overview Describes DSPADPCM, a data conversion utility for the Nintendo Cafe audio subsystem.
Multi-DSPADPCM Overview Describes DSPADPCM for encoding multi-channel DSPADPCM files.


getBytesForAdpcmInfo Returns the size, in bytes, of the ADPCMINFO structure.
getBytesForAdpcmBuffer Calculates and returns the number of bytes needed to store a DSP-ADPCM encoded sample.
getBytesForAdpcmSamples Returns the actual number of bytes used by a DSP-ADPCM encoded sample.
getBytesForPcmBuffer Calculates and returns the number of bytes needed to store the specified DSP-ADPCM decoded sample.
getBytesForPcmSamples Returns the number of bytes to copy for the user-application specified number of samples.
getNibbleAddress Calculates and returns the corresponding nibble for a sample at the specified offset.
getNibblesForNSamples Calculates and returns the total number of nibbles for an ADPCM buffer for specified samples.
getSampleForAdpcmNibble Returns the zero-based sample number for the corresponding ADPCM nibble.
getLoopContext Returns the DSP-ADPCM loop context at the specified offset of a sample.
encode Compresses a 16-bit PCM sample into the DSP-ADPCM format.
decode Decodes a DSP-ADPCM sample into signed, little-endian, 16-bit PCM data.

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