AXFXDelayExpSettingsUpdateDpl2 DEPRECATED


#include <cafe.h>
#include <cafe/axfx.h>

BOOL AXFXDelayExpSettingsUpdateDpl2 (AXFX_DELAY_EXP_DPL2 *delay);


delay Pointer to an initialized AXFX_DELAY_EXP_DPL2 structure.

Return Values

TRUE if successful; FALSE if a parameter is out of bounds or if memory allocation fails.


The AXFXDelayExpSettingsUpdateDpl2 function is used when changing parameters of the initialized Dolby Pro Logic II (DPL2) version of the Delay Expansion (= AXFX_DELAY_EXP_DPL2 structure). When this function is called, the current DPL2-version Delay Expansion is shut down and then reinitialized based on new user parameters. Memory is not freed and reallocated during this process.

Attention is required when using this function to change the AXFX_DELAY_EXP_DPL2 structure's user parameter delay. Because memory is not freed and reallocated, delay cannot be changed to a value greater than maxDelay. If it is necessary to change maxDelay, use the AXFXDelayExpSettingsDpl2 function.


Library Version Availability
Sound 2.0 Yes
Sound 1.0 Yes

Do Not Call From

Deprecated Do not call this function in new code.

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Revision History

2013/05/08 Automated cleanup pass.
2007/08/10 Initial version.